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Why I’m Using The Owners On My Page Banner?

Greetings once again my friends and welcome to another blog post today as I’m sat at home in my office in reflective mode.

I’ve been wanting to explain why all of a sudden my Facebook Banner and Instagram Wall have become a space for regular images of owners dating back to 2018.

The concept behind LOFT55 has always been to enable a ‘sense of community’ that the clothing is the platform for. No better way to do this than to show all the pictures I’m either sent personally or I take myself of people wearing my clothing. If you like ‘Real People In Real Clothing’

Since the start of the year my trading operation has shifted to online and in doing so I’ve introduced the idea of new collections that can be pre-ordered ahead of ‘small batch release’

As there aren’t any actual owners up until the arrival of the garments at home locations then I use stock images some of which involve people who are models. Obviously none of these people being connected to LOFT55 whatsoever.

As I’m now approaching the 5 year point I’m able to look back over these years through the images I’ve personally collected and have started using these on a regular basis. I don’t intend to stop as there are quite a few.

Having these great pictures, many of friends is acting as a visual diary that shows actual people involved as the owners of my work which I hope builds not just the idea of a sense of community even further but also acts as a reminder of just how far LOFT55 has come in such a short space of time.

Taking a scenario as an example, should LOFT55 continue I’d like a sense of accomplishment to be available to everyone involved. This being the owners of the clothing and what that represents in terms of the message.

And if not then what a great way to show the faces of those that gave it a shot with me whilst wearing the clothing that sends the message of ‘Celebrating Physical Community From The Heart Of Brighton And Beyond Since 2018’

Let me leave you with a thought if I may.

For the more observant amongst you you’ll notice many of the owner’s pictures feature clothing I now longer offer in regards colourways. If you can answer why then you’ve cracked the idea behind LOFT55 and I look forward to developing this community of ours with you and others in whatever way that happens.

Thanks for reading, thanks for wearing, thanks for all the pictures and also thanks to my wonderful wife who mentioned that the use of stock images felt a bit of a departure from the ethos behind LOFT55. I hear you Boss ;)

Nice one. We continue one month at a time.


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