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I’m the curator of the concept behind The Loft55 General Purpose Store. Welcome, thank you and congratulations on finding me amongst all the other outlets You could of chosen to look at today.


You may notice that I design clothing. You may already own some pieces I’ve created as a member of the constantly expanding Loft55 Owners Club. You may even have seen someone out and about wearing a piece of clothing I design. However, I also very much also consider myself a ‘store keeper’ first and foremost in the traditional sense.

Personally I see the store as a place for social interaction. The only difference being is that I pursue this ethos in both the on and offline world whilst designing what goes into my store itself. Online through my social media channels engaging with my customer base using a 121 approach and offline through my physical pop up stores in and around Brighton with myself front of house.


I come from a long line of family members whom all kept shop with a sense of providing a space not just for retail activity but for social interaction as well. Never more important as we regroup and move forward in our communities. I continue the family tradition and in doing so have created a platform that "Celebrates Physical Community From The Heart Of Brighton and Beyond" since 2018.

My designs cover unisex clothing with a range of repurposed / classic utility wear plus sweatshirts, hoodies and t-shirts within my streetwear collections. I love to work with a combination of themes and also enjoy exploring different pieces of clothing be they from a military background or a more contemporary choice from modern day influences.


If You like the sound of a small independent outlet with a positive social message incorporated within both its ethos and products, You may just have come to the right place to put a positive message into your clothing collection today.

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