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So, it's been nearly two whole weeks since I called time on my very first venture into launching and maintaining my first ever clothing label.

To be frank, the way I ran it through part self funding in alll its short existence, my rarther relaxed approach to price points and my approach to slow organic growth rather than big marketing campaigns signalled it's end even at the start.

The day by day fire fighting which I got all too used to in its final 12 months has now been replaced by a set of new challenges yet also opportunities that may present themselves over the course of time.

Nothing garaunteed except a chance to tell my story as part of a local documentary being filmed this month, a dj gig in May under LOFT55 and a new venture into dance music history inspired t-shirts called 'Born On The Dancefloor'

However as I am well back into side hustle territory there's no skin in the game left to trade with physical stock now. Something I will terribly miss but needs must in a cost of living crisis and if I'm honest, something I should of not hung out for way longer than I did.

All told, a balanced state of affairs and a return to day one thinking and 'doing' it shall be, although now with hard lessons learnt yet also something quite remarkable to embrace in the form of the most excellent LOFT55 Owners Club Community.

The problem I've had is that I've never really given the level of thought about this aspect up until now that everything has died down.

I've taken a big step back from trying to keep my DIY enterprise alive and in doing so I've freed up thinking time rather nicely which enables me to acknowledge what has happened and celebrate those (the owners) that made everything possible in the way it was wasnt intended.

Having had a look around the social media wasteland that is now my Instagram handle using 'Loft55' as a tag search a rather heartwarming post from a friend of mine and customer called Clara came up showing a sketch she did of her kitchen one morning.

Low and behold there on the back of one of the chairs was the sweatshirt she took off me at a local festival in 2022 (I remember most people's purchases) which got me thinking with a smile.

To see such a thing in a daily setting might just signal that LOFT55 for some will continue long after its moment in time. I for one expect the light will dim as time passes for many but for a few this may not be the case.

Yet another example of why 'By The Few Not The Many' will always be an apt description alongside 'Celebrating Physical Community' and will always perfectly sum up most things LOFT55.

Thank you for reading, being part of the community that became LOFT55 and for making this adventure into the unknown so enjoyable.



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