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When It Doesnt Go To Plan - The Stuff You Rarely Hear From Inside The World Of Clothing Designers

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Meet Archie who resides at To Be Worn Again on Sydney Street in Brighton. We met when I was trading over Christmas and New Year in town. We struck up a friendship and were all set to share a whisky until Arch went and got Covid. Thankfully, he was fine.

I asked Archie if he'd mind modelling for me as I needed to put a human touch into my pictures and thankfully he agreed. One item I thought to ask him to wear was this rather bright green hoodie I decided to produce. Now, the thing is, I've become quite good at choosing colours which for me being slightly impaired in the visual department is quite an achievement / or just pure luck.

We'll my luck most definitely ran out with this choice in colour as it hasnt done that well at all.

However, I'm not downhearted as it's all a learning curve especially as I've had zero training for what I do. Like day one, I'm making this all up as I go along and it's fine not getting it spot on.

I fly the flag for something my friend Graeme and I talk about most weeks that we call JFDI (Just F**king Do It) My take being the end result is basically just doing something without the over emphasis on it being a success. Well in regards to this attempt this is a prime example of such thinking.

Thanks for reading as always and to anyone especially that has one of these green hoodies. You'll be in the minority for while if not forever at this rate.

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