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The Faces From Last Saturday At Shortts, Sweatshirt Lee and What's Coming Up This Summer

Before I get onto the subject of Sweatshirt Lee coming out of winter hibenation it's all moving along very nicely at Shortts after just 3 weeks. Next Saturday will see the end of our 4 week test phase and it's with a sense of optimism and fact (that we're doing a good job) that we move into the start of 'The Hub'

The Hub is still all of us playing equal parts. Everyone adds something from Greg in the kitchen (recieving rave reviews for his African Chow) Mick (who without we wouldnt be here throwing all our ideas into the mix) Nancy and The Crew on The Bar, our choosen djs (Tom, Affy and Jay thus far) the retailers (lLucille and I) and ofcourse everyone who comes and simply gets involved as patrons. A real combined effort that's proven to be a hit up our end of St James's Street. Even local barber Colin had a spin with the clippers last Saturday and why not. Variety is very much the spice of life.

As a sum of all it's components The Hub will also be open to our local Micro Trading Community to have a go at realtime in person trading with us after next weekend. We have our first guest trader Amanda joining us on Saturday 9th April who approached us (always a good sign that someone is keen) on Saturday and we just couldnt say no (not that we would within reason)

The Hub also see's the start of a brand new aspect in regards to experiental retail in that we will be doing latenight outdoor Saturday micro markets on the patio once the days get longer. These will happen as a back to back add on to our normal Saturday's in the bar after 6pm each week. More clubland than Thailand but it's more or less the same idea but here on St James's Street and not on a Thai beachfront.

So plenty in store (excuse the pun) but to signoff before you check out a few images from last Saturday I mentioned Sweatshirt Lee earlier. Such a pleasure once again being in the company of not only a great chap but someone whom lives and breathes community on St James's Street. Why is he called Sweatshirt Lee ? simple ..... he's got a wardrobe full of my sweatshirts. Great to see You again fella and cheers for dropping in for a pint and a chat. In fact those thanks go out to everyone who's popped in as either customers, friends and or locals since the start of March.

And finally just one last thing, hats off to Jay for djing this weekend whilst keeping the musical bar well and truly high. The Message by Cymande was just the most amazingly timed drop alongside all that quality latin and funk. This week we have Nick Tich so safe to say the bar remains if not goes even higher up The Upper Eastern End of St James's Street.

Here are a few faces from the day. It was packed by 6pm and we even had dancing but you'll just have to come and see for yourselves or ask someone who's been already.

Back again this Saturday and onwards into summer this year.

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