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Sorry it's taken so long

After 5 years I've finally done what I should of done years ago after having one of those lightbulb moments recently.

Let me explain if I may.

As a very very small designer and retailer I've struggled to keep everyone happy with my colour / size and stock levels since day one.

This means that at any given moment I run out of items which I know can be frustrating if someone has their eye on anything yet needs a little time to think it over.

Added to this I tend not to stock up on the outlying sizes of small and extra extra large which also can be frustrating.

So with this in mind I've now sorted the problem out and I'm now doing 'pre-orders' as standard at long last.

Also bearing in mind how it's all getting quite challenging for households I'm doing them all at a reduced rrp which feels good.

My latest selection is over 100 versions of sweatshirts and hoodies which was quite a task creating but eventually I got there in the end.

Lead times up to production are around 2 months to enable a bit of time to save up without having to rush / miss out.

Have a window shop when you can, read the details I've added and if you're going in then enjoy what's available from myself.



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