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My brother from Scotland is coming south

Next week is a special one as my old RAF comprade and brother @mrpinkster1 comes all the way down from Scotland to visit.

Never in a million years would either of us thought in 1991 we'd end up together doing our thing at a festival in Dorset over 30 years later @campblissinsta but there you go. Life brings up many surprises if you let it.

This photo was taken in Camden Lock pre-covid when we met after reigniting our friendship over our respective mindfulness practices. We danced the evening away to Grandmaster Flash which was ace.

Graeme went on to publish a book, host radio shows, keep all our old RAF gang connected with weekly live chats in Lockdown and many months after, launch a self improvement platform called Force Forward and now has become a qualified #wimhofmethod instructor. What a legend and definitely a human I look up to.

Yet its our common purpose of enhancing communities through our creative endeavours that we still try our best to do and how we've basically figured out we look on life through almost identical lenses.

I remember being asked at the start of the year what success would look like in 2023. My answer being able to trade at Camp Bliss if I still had a business.

Well through thick n thin it's happening and Graeme is doing his cold water jedi work here too which I never thought would actually come off or he'd manage to do so far south. This really is what it's all about being a creative and having a friend that gets it whilst unequivocally having your back when you need a pep talk.

What a journey with this chap after months upon months of WhatsApp video chats through all manner of life's never ending challenges that sees us together in a field very soon back to our old tricks and nodoubt raising a glass or two to many we know from a time many moons ago.

Also dancing.

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