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Oh yes my fellow dancing and party inclined friends.


Our local legends that are Stompa Phunk are back with a bang and to celebrate I'm stocking all of their new t-shirts.


Throwing pop up parties around Brighton after their hibernation from our south coast club scene the gang have returned and are creating their special combination of dance music and party pleasing occasions across the city once again.


Good work Ant, David and Serge who have come up with the new range in 'limited edition' Stompa Phunk T-Shirts after a few early mornings back in the summer months over WhatsApp with me on my commute to East Croydon.


If you wear my t-shirts you'll be pleased to know the lads have followed suit and kept away from using basic 'merch options' to make sure their's and yours last the distance whilst feeling amazing to wear (super soft) on and off the dancefloor.


For brand new and classic Stompa Phunk tunes click here




Sustainable unisex fit cotton jersey t-shirt.


100% combed organic cotton (very soft)


Side seamed


Women’s fit




Size guide in image no2


  • I only source the very best quality clothing to work with and I'm proud to say that I have never had a returned garment ever as a result of this approach.

    Follow washing instructions so this item will never let you down.

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