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Welcoming Snoopy to the store with this Grade 1 (no rips, tears or staining) set of coveralls using a hand sewn reproduction cloth badge from The U.S Army Vietnam period.


This boilersuit continues my work re-imagining these pieces of utility clothing whilst providing a piece of work that has the highest standards of build quality.


Needless to say, there are no rips or tears or stains that accompany the base piece of military surplus.


The garment has recieved a 60 degree hot wash before being naturally dried to remove any remote signs of storage smell. Finally any cotton that has remained in the velco has been picked out carefully to ensure your garment is recieved by yourself in Grade 1 condition.


The garment comes with velcro fastening front and cuff with additional velcro fasters on the hips to adjust if needed. There is a velcro fastened front chest pocket and a larger pocket on on the left leg segment.


  • Fits a 36 inch chest with a total garment height of 160 cms (legs unrolled)


  • Suits 5 feet 3 inches in height


  • Inside leg 26 inches (unrolled)


  • Waist 18 inches (laid flat)


  • Shoulder to width 17 inches


  • Shoulder to cuff 24 inches (unrolled)


  • Patch measures 102mm in diameter


  • You may remember my LOFT55 label that ran from 2018 to 2024. I achieved a 100% zero returns benchmark across over 3000 items which is great news for you and your purchases. However if there are any defects then please get in touch for a no quibble 100% refund without hesitation.

  • With every order I like to use the personal touch so expect a handwritten card of gratitude to accompany your deliveries from me my friends. Been doing this since 2018 and have no intention of stopping.

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