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Hello there it's Ali, hope you are well today and welcome to the continuation of LOFT55 with this garment that comes with the message of 'Keeping The Faith' in multiple print colour options (new thing) and sizes.


Since 2018 all LOFT55 garments I've produced as you may know by now have acted as a platform to convey a positive message. Togetherness in the physical space, moving on from past differences and now with 'Keeping The Faith' in a tougher world many of us now face with this new incarnation.


Not only a message relating to a optimistic mindset but also of a lived experience not just on my part but also people I know well who are having to dig much deeper, and work harder and longer than ever before.


Should this message resonate well with yourself and you'd like to consider purchasing then the good news is that all LOFT55 Keeping The Faith garments are now 'always available' as made to order items. This not only offers extensively more choice but also a relaxed approach should investment in a purchase take abit longer these days.


All orders are processed on weekly Thursdays with posting by myself around 14 days later if not sooner for when the time is right for you to come on in and get involved with our little clothing community that exists on the fringes.


Thanks for reading, having a look and ofcourse investing your hard earned cash if you're happy to in my work.


50% Cotton / Polyester



Regular Fit



Twin Needle Sleeves And Hem



Fabric Weight 270 GSM (Medium)



Tubular Side Seams / Set In Shoulders



Crew Neck With 2.5cm Collar



Heat Pressed Vinyl Print





  • 100% refund for any damaged items. Unable to refund for incorrect sizing choice by customer or once order has been made.

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