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Hello my friends. Wow what an adventure that was (50000 hours worth) which I can't thank you enough for all your support and enthusiasm. Even though LOFT55 was part self funded by myself right up until the end it would not of lasted for as long as it did without you. Please be of the opinion that by wearing the anchor you more than played a significant role in it's shirt yet colourful existence but also created a community around the label that will continue for a very long time to come. So many positives to take away ranging from connecting with old friends whilst making new ones, supporting local independent makers and businesses that were involved with LOFT55, a space under numerous Covid restrictions where people could socialise at the popups and many more that in time will present themselves as fond memories. Life after LOFT55 will continue with a brand new label (with a difference) planned for 2025 that will be accompanied by a book telling the story of the character the clothing has inspired. As for trading on foot in person that will now be replaced with designing under my own name on a low level footing featuring military and clubland inspirations from the last four decades in the world of clothing and music. Definitely no anchors yet still with the purpose of connecting people through clothing. Thank you for all you have made happen with me. Its been a buzz for sure. Your friend, store keeper, dj and clothing designer Ali.


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