Very much a classic sweatshirt build that benefits from a traditional v insert (see below) Completed in Dark Navy with a matching light Violet motif. This sweatshirt is soft feel and very cosy to wear. Wear either big and baggy or more tailored depending on your tastes.


Comes in one size.


  • 85% Organic Ring-Spun Combed Cotton with 15% Polyester 
  • 300 gsm - the optimum premium weight.
  • Round neck raglan sleeve sweatshirt
  • V insert design around bottom of neckline to draw potential sweat towards
  • Terry un brushed fleece 
  • Size 60 cms half chest, 77.5 cms body length, 21.5 cms sleeve length


  • Conforms to OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 (no banned or harmful chemicals)
  • Fair Wear
  • GOTS -  Worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.


About The Design.


When I started thinking about designing clothing in 2017 I decided to use this as a opportunity to convey a message. The message is one of ‘Celebrating Physical Community’ Being non-political I value community interaction in the physical space. My slogan that is LOFT55 can be broken down accordingly to reflect this way of thinking.


LOFT – This is a direct reference to my musical and social hero David Mancuso. David’s Loft parties are the thing of dance music legend. Most credible dance music nightclubs and parties can trace back their origins to what David started in 1970 in New York. What we now understand in terms of ‘a safe space’ can also be understood all those years ago on David’s dancefloor in terms of inclusivity that he championed at The Loft.


55 – This being a reference to the people of Vietnam who split in 1955. Knowing the history of these people and having witnessed firsthand how they have come back to live harmoniously together as a community made sure that I wanted to pay respect to this by noting their achievements with the number 55.


New York – Where The Loft and David were. I am also a keen fan of the music and culture associated with 1970’s and 80’s New York having studied this since a teenager through early Hiphop documentaries and my ongoing love of this era’s musical contribution to modern day culture.


Brighton – Where my clothing is designed by myself and where I trade in person using my view on community interaction as a store keeper. Also having hosted dance parties and djing across my city for over two decades, I value the experience of community that has always been present through that creative outlet.


Vietnam – The country where the people of inspiration and their ability to put the past in the past and move forward come from.


And The Anchor – This is family. My wife’s Great Grandmother was a Eastend Dock Lady in London who had an anchor inked on her forearm. Quite the thing to do all those years ago.


  • Product care is important as You can never quite tell how well your washing machine will perform until it's possibly too late.

    The first approach should always be to handwash your clothes separately for a longer life that avoids accidental shrinkage or the most dreaded of outcomes "accidental colour bleed from other items in the wash"

    Handwashing for more serious marks in warmer water is also encouraged.

    However if You are going to wash automatically, always 30 degrees maxium and no more, even though some brands may say above this is OK.

    As always, iron inside out just in case the iron isnt totally clean.

    Remember, if You look after Your clothes, They'll look after You. Also great for sustainability having clothes that last.