My L55.BTN Bloodchit MA1 Bomber Jacket is available via a personal consultation via my webchat portal with the opportunity to discuss budget.


*  The price I've indicated is a 'guide price' which varies due to sourced component availability.


The jacket is handfinished here in Brighton to the highest quality using an 'invisible stitch' method so the thread is completely hidden.


Unlike the more common Bloodchit MA1s mine display the chit on the outside to complement the colour of the jacket.


The additional aspect of having the chit on the outside is that passers by enquire about the chit's meaning thus creating a great piece of clothing not just to own but also talk about.


These by nature are limited pieces of work and at time of writing not available as an outer presentation in this quality other than from my store.


If interesred please get in touch for a 121 chat regarding your requirements.


Sizes available from small to extra extra large.


About The Bloodchit:


A notice carried by military personnel and addressed to any civilians who may come across an armed-services member – such as a shot-down pilot – in difficulties.


As well as identifying the force to which the bearer belongs as friendly, the notice displays a message requesting that the service member be rendered every assistance.