New for AW21 is this rather 'standout' colour choice in bright green. One of two colours in the collection alongside the orange version that as they say 'pops'  Super comfy whilst making a big presence when worn. You will stick out in a crowd for sure.


* Please note that due to current UK supply chain challenges certain sizes may not be re-stocked in 2021 once they have gone. 


*2021 Price Freeze will be added to this item after introduction offer period on this item at £45.00


  • 80% Ring Spun Cotton (Long Life)
  • Kangaroo Pouch
  • 280 GSM


Size Guide - Chest


  • Small - 36 inches
  • Medium - 40 inches
  • Large - 44 inches
  • Extra Large - 48 inches
  • Extra Extra Large - 52 inches


  • Product care is important as You can never quite tell how well your washing machine will perform until it's possibly too late.

    The first approach should always be to handwash your clothes separately for a longer life that avoids accidental shrinkage or the most dreaded of outcomes "accidental colour bleed from other items in the wash"

    Handwashing for more serious marks in warmer water is also encouraged.

    However if You are going to wash automatically, always 30 degrees maxium and no more, even though some brands may say above this is OK.

    As always, iron inside out just in case the iron isnt totally clean.

    Remember, if You look after Your clothes, They'll look after You. Also great for sustainability having clothes that last.