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Dancing Amongst The Rails At Shortts

A couple of Fridays ago a noteable London Club Icon in the form of DJ Chris Sullivan came on a rainy night to St James Street with the sounds of The WAG.

A name familiar to those in the know / from back in the day who understand or experienced first hand the marrying of style and feel great dance music.

What actually happened to that combo I ask myself more so ?

This is all well and good but as a 'retrospective experience or reminder' BUT what's new ???

Well as a seasoned club dancer (not so now) and party dj / host it was Chris's ability to program the music perfectly from start to finish that hit the spot.

A DJ skill sometimes sadly now overlooked or not experienced so much in the modern quick fix world of dance music perhaps.

I should add the strength of the night was clearly evident as the whole of Shortts (one third full) were 'all on the dancefloor' as one more or less from start to finish.

Friendships forged, smiles and hugs exchanged just like it should be.

Full dancefloor of interaction and enjoyment on a quiet night? or busy night with no real vibe?

I know which one works best for dancing and can't wait to dance again in November to Chris's selection and with nobody who's not there to get on down.

Sometimes moving forward requires a step back.

Top 5 WAG at Shortts Moments

Nancy coming from behind the bar to dance on the floor with everyone.

Clive having a well mannered dance off with anyone who looked up for it.

The guy in full hiking attire busting moves and smiling at everyone ( great smock by the way)

The group photo that was taken of friends and strangers hugging and cheering mid party.

Mick Fuller staying out later than usual whilst being a gent as usual.

Next WAG at Shortts is in November

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